Bamboo Silk Carpets

Bamboo Silk Carpets

Extremely lavish, rare, and quite expensive, traditional silk carpets belong to the types of natural carpets we normally only see in movies and magazines featuring high-end homes.

Traditional silk rugs have that naturally extravagant features that you can easily see why they stand out. However, with such lavishness comes great prices. Authentic traditional silk carpets take time and a lot of effort to be created and are truly pricey.

Bamboo Silk Carpets

Thanks to the never-ceasing advancements we have today, an alternative to traditional silk rugs was introduced years ago: the bamboo silk carpet.

Bamboo silk carpets possess almost the exact same features of a traditional silk carpet, minus the high price. Just like traditional silk, bamboo silk is fine, smooth, and soft.

Carpets made from bamboo silk did not only gain popularity because of their characteristics resembling traditional silk but because of their rare properties as well that you won’t easily find in other carpet types.

There has been a long-standing debate about whether or not carpets are truly bad for people who are suffering from allergies. Bamboo silk carpets have anti-microbial properties and are hypo-allergenic. Hence, people with asthma or allergies can have peace of mind being in a room with bamboo silk carpets.

Genuine silk is considered fragile and therefore, genuine silk carpets are not suitable to be placed on areas with high traffic. Contrary to this, bamboo silk carpets are durable enough and can be placed on high traffic spots.

The only drawback of bamboo silk carpets is their low resistance to stains. As a result, it’s best to place some area rugs on top of the bamboo silk carpet where spills are most likely to take place. Or better yet, don’t put bamboo silk carpets on areas where you eat or drink.

Another amazing thing about pure bamboo silk carpets is that they are biodegradable – therefore, good for the environment.

To top it all off, with proper care and maintenance, bamboo silk carpets can last for more than half a century. Schedule your rug cleaning Airdrie residents have depended on for many years.