Most Affordable Wood Types for Your Furniture

In having your own furniture pieces custom built for you, you won’t only get to provide your specifications in terms of design, you also have to let the wood maker know which type of wood you would like to be used for your furniture.


As one may expect, your wood choice will greatly impact the final price of your custom built furniture. Therefore, if your budget is a little limited, you should make a wise choice when it comes to wood type.


There are many affordable types of wood you can choose from, and one of them is Pine. Pine is one of the cheapest types of wood out there. However, Pine is a softwood; and because of this, it is not suitable for furniture that will be placed in areas with high traffic. It will not be able to withstand scratches and heavy impact.


Maple is a type of hardwood that has the first-rate durability and can give you the look of more expensive wood types, without the high price. This type of wood could be used for high traffic areas because of its remarkable strength. However, since Maple has incredible properties and low cost, it is not very easy to find in some areas.


If Maple is becoming rare in some locations, Beech is still abundant and its price is inexpensive as well. This wood type is well known for being odorless. It is commonly used for furniture indoors. Unfortunately, Beech is not as water resistant as other types of wood and would be easily affected by moisture.


Poplar is another affordable type of hardwood. This has topnotch strength and durability. The downside is that Poplar is not as beautiful as other types of wood, and that is why it is seldom used for decorative crafts. Still, Poplar wood is a great choice if you are looking for something that can be used for a long time.