Luxury Furniture

Rarest Wood Types Used for Luxury Furniture

Any homeowner who loves unique and one-of-a-kind home items don’t just choose to have a custom built wooden furniture made for them, they want a luxurious wooden furniture made from the rarest wood materials out there.


For some, this could be viewed as a little bit too far but the truth is, it is perfectly understandable why some homeowners want something that is not easy to find or replicate – it’s just like how other consumers do their best to purchase some things that are considered limited edition.


There is a long list of rare wood types used for furniture, and African Blackwood is one of them. African Blackwood is a wood which is extremely rare that it is considered as extinct today because of the scarcity the supply. African Blackwood has a natural sophisticated black color that makes it unnecessary to be painted by other shades.


Found in select Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Thailand, Agarwood is another sought-after wood type for furniture creation. This rare wood could cost as much as $10,000 per kilogram.


Another African hardwood called Pink Ivory wood is also considered unique because of its natural pink shade. Pink Ivory Wood is extremely tough and can only be found in various locations in Africa such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


Rosewood is another famous choice for making rare wooden furniture items. In some areas, cutting down Rosewood trees is considered illegal because of the decreasing number of these trees available today. India and Brazil are just some of the countries where Rosewood comes from.

Priced at $10,000 per kilogram, Ebony Wood from Africa is another rare and expensive type of wood used in the most luxurious furniture items. Ebony Wood has outstanding strength and has a gorgeous natural black color. This wood is very heavy and is quite dense. There are also some other variations of Ebony Wood from different countries such as Sri Lanka.